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IC & Component Socket, Board to Board, 1 Contacts, Gold Plated Contacts


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Gold Plated Contacts
Board to Board
Beryllium Copper
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The HOLTITE series zero profile Solder less DIP Socket designed to be press-fit into the plated through-hole of a printed wiring board. This unique design allows the plated-thru hole to become the component socket. The outer conical shape of the Holtite® contact sizes the plated-thru hole when pressed into place. The precision-machined geometry allows for the controlled displacement of plated material without damaging the hole or affecting the normal mechanical and electrical contact performance. The socketing technique provides the shortest distance between the component seating plane and the contact engagement zone for maximum retention of short component leads. Open contact design permits air flow through the board, increasing heat dissipation and extending component life. Use of the Holtite® solder less system removes certain artwork restrictions necessary for wave soldering and solder joint construction.
  • Lowest socket profile
  • Precision-machined, tapered-entry, four finger contact
  • Retains minimum component lead lengths
  • Solder less, gas-tight, press-fit insertion
  • Immediate conversion to the Holtite® system
  • 10mR Maximum contact resistance


Industrial, Aerospace, Defence, Military


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