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Apie BitScope

BitScope makes cost effective electronic products for test, measurement, monitoring and control for makers, students and professional engineers, or anyone working in education, research and industry. We empower our customers with solutions across a wide range of embedded, physical, IoT, cluster and cloud computing applications.

Our products include mixed signal oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, data acquisition systems, and computing platforms integrating these products to build scalable industrial solutions with Raspberry Pi.

Featured Products

BitScope Blade UNO

A flexible power and mounting solution for a single Raspberry Pi computer. Plug in Raspberry Pi HATs or add a Blade CAP to extend functionality. The perfect computing platform for makers, students and engineers using Raspberry Pi.

BitScope Blade DUO

Desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for a pair of Raspberry Pi computers. Add a Blade CAP to extend functionality. Ideal for building reliable stand-alone desktop and server systems with Raspberry Pi.

BitScope Blade QUATTRO

Desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for up to four Raspberry Pi computers. Create compute clusters, private clouds or build farms with Raspberry Pi. Experiment with containerisation. Extend functionality with Blade CAPs.

BitScope Micro

The world's only Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to include a powerful Logic and Protocol Analyzer, Waveform and Pattern Generator, Spectrum Analyzer and Data Recorder in one tiny light weight USB powered package. Works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Compatible with Blade.

BitScope Probe Adapter

A dual channel mixed signal BNC adapter for BitScope Micro. It connects standard oscilloscope probes.

BitScope Micro Scope

BitScope Micro test and measurement solution including the oscilloscope probe adapter and full set BitScope Micro mixed signal features. Works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Compatible with Blade.


Innovators & Startups

If you’re a designer, maker or hobbyist working with embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, BitScope offers an excellent low-cost solution. Also ideal for a wide range of design, build and debut electronics applications, plus robotics, servos and sensors.

Educators and Students

Demonstrate what really happens when theory meets practice with our extensive range of online resources, flexible software and robust hardware, suitable for teaching programming and electronics in even the busiest student labs.

Engineers and Industry

Suitable for rack-mount or desktop, networked or USB, BitScope is fully programmable and infinitely adaptable for industrial strength test, measurement & data acquisition that’s built to last – the perfect solution for automated testing, monitoring & control.

Produktų sąrašas

Embedded Computers, Education & Maker Boards

Test & Measurement

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