R&S®NGC100 power supply series

Phase-out of the HMC804x series

The feature-rich R&S®NGC100 family consists of three models, all with a maximum total power of up to 100 W and a continuous voltage range from 0 V to 32 V. The single-channel R&S®NGC101 delivers a maximum of 10 A, the two-channel R&S®NGC102 a maximum of 5 A and the three-channel R&S®NGC103 a maximum of 3 A per channel.

Key Facts

  • Three versions with one, two or three output channels
  • 100 W maximum total output power for all R&S®NGC models
  • Maximum output voltage of 32 V per channel, higher voltages possible in serial operation
  • High output currents up to 3 A/5 A/10 A – depending on the number of output channels; higher currents possible in parallel operation
  • Linear post-regulation for low residual ripple and noise
  • Electronic fuse (OCP), adjustable maximum voltage (OVP), adjustable maximum power (OPP) and over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Standard USB/LAN, special models with additional IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface
  • Rear panel connections, including sense lines, for all channels
Number of output channels
Maximum output current per channel
Maximum output power per channel
100 W50 W33 W
Maximum total output power
100 W 100 W 100 W
Output voltage per channel
0V to 32V0V to 32V0V to 32v
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R&S®NPA power analyser series

Phase-out of the HMC8015

The R&S®NPA family of power analysers represents a comprehensive suite of compact testers designed for AC/DC load or standby current characterization, with a basic accuracy of 0.05%. These analysers facilitate power measurements across a broad spectrum, ranging from 50 µW to 12 kW, enabling signal acquisition from DC to 100 kHz at an impressive sampling rate of 500 kSamples/s. Beyond numerical displays of 26 critical parameters, the instruments offer optional graphical features and compliance protocols aligned with industry standards depending upon the chosen model. The R&S®NPA power analyser is the first compact AC/DC load and standby current characterization tester for measurement with no additional tools such as computers or remote infrastructure. The instrument has performance and compliance protocols in line with IEC 62301, EN 50564 and EN 61000 3-2 along with a numerical and graphical display with 26 key parameters.

Key Specifications

DC to 100 kHz
Sampling rate
500 ksamples/s
simultaneous display of current and voltage, each with 16 bits
Voltage input
Up to 600 V (RMS)
Current input
Up to 20 A (RMS)
Basic accuracy
0.05 % of reading
Frequency accuracy
0.1 % of reading
Input impedance
2 MΩ
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