BISMS02BI-01 - 

Class 1 Embedded Bluetooth® AT Module

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Class 1
Bluetooth 2.0
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Produktų apžvalga

BISMS02BI-01 is a Embedded Bluetooth AT Module designed for applications that demand a robust and reliable Bluetooth connection. This product is designed with solder connections that allow it to be mounted directly onto a main PCB. The integrated high performance, multilayer ceramic antenna is highly resistant to de-tuning, allowing great flexibility in positioning. As well as incorporating a fully approved Bluetooth protocol stack, the module includes a comprehensive AT style interface that dramatically reduces the development time of applications from months to days. The Terminal Control Center software that allows simple configuration of the adapter for rapid product development. Combined with the AT style interface, the development time required to add wireless connectivity is reduced from months to days.
  • Integrated antenna with up to 300m range
  • Class 1 with +6dBm transmit power (maximum)
  • Current consumption less than 36mA
  • Version 2.0 Bluetooth
  • Fully integrated Bluetooth stack
  • Audio supported through PCM connection
  • Simple AT style command set interface
  • Data transfer rate up to 300Kbps
  • Adaptive frequency hopping
  • Field upgradeable


Communications & Networking, Wireless