21-10115 UK - 

ESD Safe 60W Digital Soldering Station with Preset Temperature Buttons

TENMA 21-10115 UK
TENMA 21-10115 UK
TENMA 21-10115 UK
TENMA 21-10115 UK
TENMA 21-10115 UK
TENMA 21-10115 UK
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21-10115 UK
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GTIN UPC EAN: 5051259025110
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Digital Soldering Station, Soldering Iron, Iron Holder, Sponge
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The TENMA 21-10115 is a premium smart digital soldering station. This product has been widely used in institutes, industrial production line, maintenance industry and other fields on the basis of its sophisticated and practical product features. The efficient, thermostat-controlled, 60-watt output of this unit provides almost instant working temperatures with outstanding precision. A long-life ceramic heating element allows this station to obtain a longer life-span than other stations in its price range.
  • Computerized temperature calibration corrects difference between the actual & display temperature
  • Three programmable preset temperature buttons
  • Easy to read white-on-blue LCD with temperature in °C or °F
  • ESD safe - suitable for work on static-sensitive components
  • Large LCD screen for clear and convenient reading
  • High contrast LCD display
  • Lightweight iron handle with silicone cord
  • On / Off switch on side of unit
  • PID power control loop with constant temperature set by MCU for more precise temperature control
  • Temperature can be displayed in both Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Temperature range: 392~896°F
  • Three convenient programmable dials
  • Three programmable preset temperature buttons


Contents: Soldering station, soldering iron, stand and sponge

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GTIN UPC EAN: 5051259025110


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